Quad Cities eVite: See A JURY OF HER PEERS!

March 1st eVite

JURY Director Sally Heckel

     I’m on my way to the Quad Cities next week to do a presentation at the Moline Public Library’s Southwest Branch) co-sponsored by two local AAUW branches: Rock Island/Moline (IL) & Davenport (IA).  This is a special treat for me because A Jury of Her Peers was written by Susan Glaspell, who was born & raised in Davenport.

   It’s also emotional for me because Sally Heckel (pictured above) was the special guest at the very first Chicago WITASWAN program, & in many ways the whole WITASWAN intiative actually began when members of AAUW-Illinois saw her wonderful film for the first time at our 2003 Spring Convention.

     So this particular trip will close a loop for me, & bring many things full circle.  Should YOU be anywhere near Moline on 3/1, please join us.  This is a public program & everyone is welcome!  Here is a wonderful article by Laura Fraembs posted Weds (2/24/08) on QCOnline.

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Jan Lisa Huttner is an award-winning author/activist & advocate for women filmmakers.
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