VIDA 2012

“In a culture saturated with top-ten lists of everything from books to bikes to baby names — what can we do to right the gender imbalance in publishing besides tabulate our absences?”

What indeed? Days after the abysmal 2012 Oscar ceremony, VIDA releases new stats with the same old results in the publishing domain :-( 

 And me, still battling away here in Chicago after venting about the Oscars on HuffPo? I can’t say it any better than poet Sina Queyras does below:

“[These conversations] make the person doing the banging on the door seem shrill, annoying, pathetic. They remind the person doing the pointing that they are outside. They affirm to those being barked at that they are inside. They allow the object of the complaint to indulge in that slightly hurt, eye brow raising gesture that is reflected in the eyes of their loyal affirmers.”


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Jan Lisa Huttner is an award-winning author/activist & advocate for women filmmakers.
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