Final Night of the ’07 CFIC

Here I am, totally caffeinated & ready for anything, during the final Q&A of this year’s Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema.  First I lead the Q&A after the 6 PM screening of 2 wonderful shorts: PESYA’S NECKLACE and SISAI.  Then I lead the Q&A after the 8 PM screening of the very last film on this year’s schedule: SOMEONE TO RUN WITH.

In truth, I’d had a lukewarm reaction to SOMEONE TO RUN WITH on my first & second viewings, but watching it the third time I found myself growing more impressed with its technical qualities (especially the visually-creative storytelling & the sound design).  I still think the “Asaf plot” has some gaping holes, but the “Tamar plot” is very strong & Bar Belfer is a marvelous young actress.  For sure, I’ll hope to see more of her in the future.

My sincere thanks to all the khaverim who accompanied me on this year’s cinematic journey, with a special “todah rabah” to Chicago attorney Steve Ackerman for taking these pix.  Hope to see all of you in ’08, & next year, bring your whole mishpokhe! 

Click here for Tzivi’s Complete Guide to the 2007 CFIC.  Click here for info on 2006.

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