ranting.jpg      I just came from my 2nd screening of THE BAND’S VISIT, winner of the Israel Film Academy’s 2007 Ophir Award for Best Feature Film.  The first time I saw it, I enjoyed it well enough, but it left a sour taste in my mouth & now I know why.  SPOILER ALERT: Why does Dina sleep with Khaled at the end?  The audience accepts this because we’ve come to see Khaled’s selfless, romantic side, therefore we know that he’s not just a narcissistic skirt-chaser.  But Dina spends the whole evening with Tawfig, therefore she doesn’t see what we see (specifically Khaled’s scenes with Popi & Julia @ the roller ring).  Conclusion: Sending Dina off to bed with Khaled demeans her character & turns the ending into a male bonding fantasy. Feh!!!

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