Hooray for Deepa Mehta:

Water was nominated for an Oscar today in the Best Foreign Language Film category 🙂


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1938: Child marriage is still legal in India & Gandhi is creating the first ripples of wide-spread social change. When her conscience collides with her faith, a devout Brahmin woman (Biswas) begins questioning her life choices. Beautifully-told character drama. The final chapter in the “Elements” trilogy (with EARTH & FIRE) by Deepa Mehta. Click here for FF2 Haiku.


Click HERE for my spotlight on Deepa Mehta’s “Elements” trilogy for Chicago Woman.

Photo Credits: Devyani Saltzman

Top Photo: Lisa Ray as “Kalyani.”

Middle Photo: Seema Biswas (left) as “Shakuntala” with Sarala Kariyawasam as “Chuyia.”

Bottom Photo: John Abraham as “Narayan” with Sarala Kariyawasam as “Chuyia.”


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