6/5/08: Perfect Timing!

WITASWAN Logo: © Jan Lisa Huttner & Sharon Rosenzweig (6/5/08)    

     In a recent interview with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Sarah Jessica Parker said: ”…I want [SEX AND THE CITY] to do well, but the bigger story for me here is that I want the people who hold the purse strings to believe that there are female audiences…” 

     Meanwhile, WITASWAN has been simultaneously working behind-the-scenes on a logo to capture our new pitch: THE POWER OF THE PURSE!  Thanks to SJP & her SATC Gal Pals, the truth is out there.  Who holds the purse strings???  We do!!!

     Note that even tho SATC is not a WITASWAN film per se, its box office power ensures more greenlights for more films about women, some of which certainly will be WITASWAN-qualified.

    So what are YOU doing this weekend?  If you’re one of the many women who didn’t get to see SATC last weekend because so many screenings were sold out, then I urge you to go this weekend.  Remember: our options expand if we exercise THE POWER OF THE PURSE!!!


     Message to guys: The Celluloid Ceiling is real & if you have any conscience at all, then get yourself on the right side of this issue.  After you go, you can decide if you liked it or not, but you cannot have a good faith opinion on this subject if you don’t go.  Are you letting bullies like John Kass intimidate you?  If so, then what does that make you: a “real man” or a chump???

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