6/13/08: Critical Weekend for SATC

Swan Spread Her Wings!

     This is the weekend that SEX AND THE CITY will undoubtedly crack the $100M mark (which is a critical milestone in movie marketing), but note that both IRON MAN & INDIE 4 have already grossed well over $250M.

     Per my prior postings, there are the only two points in this debate that really matter to me: (1) If you haven’t seen it, then you’re not entitled to a qualitative opinion.  (2) If you don’t see it, then you’re not making a quantitative contribution.  Maybe box office stats don’t matter in the ideal world, but down here in the real world purchasing power is the best weapon we have if we want to create positive change in our cultural environment.

     If you haven’t already done so, please see SEX AND THE CITY, & do your part: “If we change media images, we change the world!”

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