Today I took myself to an afternoon screening of KIT KITTREDGE.  I was surrounded by eager girls, many of them with dolls.  Moms, grandmothers, & aunts were there too.  There were 2 adult men in the audience. (Hopefully they were Dads with daughters in the Ladies Room, but who knows.)  What didn’t I see?  Boys!  Not a single boy was in the KIT KITTREDGE audience even tho there were several boys in positive roles on screen.

     This makes me furious!  From the earliest age, it seems we’re teaching girls to be ambitious, brave, empathetic, loyal & true, while we’re teaching boys… to punch each other & blow things up.  What is wrong with this picture?!?!?

     I heard a boy interviewed on NPR.  Does he plan to go with his sister to see KIT KITTREDGE?  Heck no, he said: “I’ll probably do something else with my Dad that day.”

     The kids’ version of the SEX AND THE CITY brouhaha 🙁

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