8/10/08: Happy Birthday, Richard!

Photo Credit: Mark ShapiroPhoto Credit: Jan Lisa Huttner

   It’s one of my family’s favorite jokes: the great feminist went to graduate school & found… a husband!  But truly, the day I met Richard was one of the best days of my life, altho it was years before I realized just how lucky we were to have had an actual “meet cute” — at the University of Chicago no less… exactly where Harry first met Sally 😉

     RB’s birthday was August 5th, but we celebrated on Sunday with all the friends who congregated at the Edwardo’s Pizza palace on Dearborn (home of famous Chicago deep dish).  The topper was a fabulous cake from Whole Foods sent by Richard’s sister Kathryn & her husband Gary.  (Alas, they were actually at home — in Phoenix — but we assume their astral bodies were on hand to sniff the buttercream!)

     NOTE: The message on the bag says “In Case of Regret.” Inside was a staple remover from our very funny friend Elisa.  This is a reference to the fact that RB had bariatric surgery (“stomach stapling”) a few years ago, as did I.  So if you’ve ever wondered about why some of the old photos on our website look so, ahem, “dated,” this is part of the answer.

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