Chgo: Come to HOUNDDOG Reception on 9/21

Click here to download Sun 9/21 eVite with RSVP Instructions. 

If you live in Metro Chicago, then you are invited to a reception honoring Deborah Kampmeier’s controversial new film HOUNDDOG this Sunday (9/21) @ 5 PM.  Reception immediately follows the 3:10 screening of HOUNDDOG at the AMC Pipers Alley Theatre (1608 N Wells—corner of Wells & North Avenue).

Why YOU Should Care: 

This is the film that Sean Hannity, Concerned Women for American, & other Far Right ideologues don’t want you to see–even though most of them have never seen it!

Because of them, writer/director Deborah Kampmeier had to have FBI security when HOUNDDOG first screened at Sundance ’07, & she’s still receiving hate mail! HOUNDDOG opens in limited release on Fri 9/19.

Playing in Chicago exclusively at the AMC Pipers Alley!

Read review by FF2 Guest Critic Martha Steketee.

Q: Why didn’t you review this yourself?

Penny’s reply: I saw the Sundance version of Hounddog on DVD and tried to help Deborah push back once the s%$t hit the fan. I even sent an angry letter to the Ombudsman at USA TODAY complaining about their coverage (read their article here).

So when the film finally opened in Chicago, I knew I couldn’t be “objective.” Therefore, I posted a “Guest Critic” opportunity on the AWJ ListServ, reviewed responses, & approved Martha’s pitch. Martha was certainly objective, & she wrote a great review!

*** See HOUNDDOG & then decide for yourself… ***

Dakota Fanning (age 13) as “Lewellen” in HOUNDDOG.

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