To My “Camp Obama” Friends

“Hillary has my Heart; Barack has my Vote!”Designed by Jan & for sale totally “at cost” on Cafe Press.Designed by Jan & for sale totally “at cost” on Cafe Press.

     To all my Chicago friends who couldn’t make yesterday’s HOUNDDOG reception because you were working hard in support of Barack Obama’s campaign: We are fighting this good fight together! When you see HOUNDDOG, you will see a beautiful young girl cruelly abused. If John McCain & Sarah Palin rule the world, then a child like Louellen will be forced to carry her baby to term if her rape results in an unwanted pregnancy.  Little wonder that Conservatives are boycotting this film, after having done everything they could to prevent anyone with a conscience from seeing it. 

     Special message to all of my sisters who supported Hillary Clinton (as I have since 1991!!!), let there be NO QUESTION in your mind about what to do next. As my t-shirt proudly declares: Hillary has my Heart; Barack has my Vote!!!

     Special message to friends outside Illinois who ask why we’re invoking Abraham Lincoln in our Cafe Press items.  (“Wasn’t Lincoln a Rebublican?”)   Abraham Lincoln said many important things, but the one with most resonance today is: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Rich & I decry the implicit racism of Sarah Palin’s seemingly innocent remark: “America grows good people in small towns.”  And we are SURE that “Honest Abe” would agree!!! 

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