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Photo Credit: Kouross Esmaeli

     OPERATION FILMMAKER premieres tonight on PBS!!! Here’s the basic story: An American film crew brings a young Iraqi man named Muthana to their shoot in the Czech Republic.  They’re offering him a great “learning opportunity,” but he has no clue what it really means to be “a production assistant.”  When the shoot ends, they all leave, & he’s stuck.  The War in Iraq has become a quagmire, & his life is at risk if he tries to go home.

     Kudos to Nina Davenport for doing her best to “keep faith” with Muthana long after others had abandoned him.  Kudos to Nina Davenport for creating an excellent film that asks hard questions.  Shame on us if we don’t pay attention!

     Visit the PBS website for screening times for their doc series “Independent Lens.”  Visit the OPERATION FILMMAKER website for more info.  Special thanks to Dalia Hoffman for assistance with prepping this piece for posting.

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