Oscar ’09: Money versus Merit


Jan Posts Question for Tom O’Neil

Yes, I know, campaigning is nothing new in our culture, but I still don’t think most people realize how much time, effort, & money go into Oscar campaigns every year.  If we want to understand why Oscar is always so “blue,” then Feminists need to figure out how the game is played & do a better job of playing it!  Here’s info from LA Times blogger Tom O’Neil about this year’s barrage of screeners.  Take my word for it: Each one of these screeners provides a detailed list of who to vote for in each specific category (“For Your Consideration”), & these options are governed by marketing considerations, not merit! 

So, since I was already sending out SLUMDOG questions,

I sent one to O’Neil too:

Dear Tom, I know for a fact that people all around the world have sent messages to the HFPA asking why Loveleen Tandan was not co-nominated for a Best Director award when both the IMDb & the official EPK list her as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE’s Co-Director.  (This info is right at the top, below Danny Boyle’s name & above screenwriter Simon Beaufoy’s name).  As an Oscar Expert, you know as well as I do that this placement is extremely unusual, so maybe you can get an answer from the GLOBE folks before the AMPAS folks finalize their noms???  Happy New Year!  Jan Lisa Huttner  Chicago

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