Kudos to WMC’s Rebekah Spicuglia!

From Women’s Media Center: January 29, 2009


Rebekah Spicuglia just released a new post on the Women’s

Center website called “Changing the World, One Blog at a Time.” It’s a terrific article with a mini-case study & a “how to” list.

     How incredibly timely, as if she’s read my mind!!!  We do NOT have to sit back & let “the powers that” be hide behind their self-serving rules anymore.  We CAN ask questions, as I am doing with “my SLUMDOG brouhaha.”

     This is the way the world works now.  When you see something you think is wrong, you can either sit back & kvetch, or you can act.  My choice is to act.  That’s who I am.  That’s how I was raised.  As Rebekah’s post makes clear, the tools are now available to all, so all it takes it determination!

Bravo, Rebekah J

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