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     So Saturday I was personally attacked by Kim Voyner in Movie City News.  She accuses me of “writing ill-informed opinions” without offering any evidence that’s she actually read any of the relevant source materials (such as the Wall Street Journal article) not to mention my f2f interview with Danny Boyle.

     Thankfully MSN provided a wonderful horoscope when I logged in this AM.  Now I generally don’t put much stock in these kinds of things, but this is so timely that I had to share it. If Kim (& likeminded others) would bother to look, they’ll find I’ve been writing about related topics for years now.

     I have NPR’s Talk of the Nation on in the background as I type.  They’re talking about the effect Barack Obama’s ascension is having on African-American boys.  This is exactly the kind of thing I’m after.  Can you imagine the impact on little girls all around the world if Loveleen Tandan gets an Oscar on February 22nd (an Oscar I really do believe she deserves)???

    Here’s last graph in my award-winning article on the ’04 Oscar noms: “No one tells you that you can’t do something anymore. You just don’t see women doing the things that you want to do,” says screenwriter Lizzy Weiss, who wrote last year’s Blue Crush and was inspired when Callie Khouri won an Oscar for her groundbreaking Thelma and Louise screenplay in 1992. “But every time this happens, young women think to themselves, ‘That could be me!'”

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