February 7th Box Office Face-Off

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     Last night we put our Oscar obsessions aside & went to see two new movies @ our local multiplex.  Afterwards, we both agreed that we’d inadvertently performed a nice little experiment.  While both of these films are basically genre trash, one is now #1 at the Box Office, while the other is in a downward spiral.  Why?  It can’t have anything to do with the merits of either film: they’re both awful.  But one is an R-Rated “macho treat” filled with violence & sexual exploitation, while the other is a sweet-natured PG-Rated “chick flick.”  And my fellow critics (most of whom have always been & continue to be male) think the “macho treat” is “undeniably fun,” while they totally dismiss the “chick flick.”  I don’t think it gets more clear than this…

     By the way, in case you haven’t already guessed this, we’ve rated both films “Does not meet criteria” on our website FILMS FOR TWO, even tho, if left to our own devices, Rich would recommend TAKEN & I would recommend NEW IN TOWN.  Remember, neither of these films is actually “good,” & for sure, you all have much better choices, but if you just want to relax for a couple of hours in the presence of genuine star power, you could do worse.

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