Kudos to EW’s Adam B. Vary!

From ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s News & Notes (7/24/09–Page 13)

     “And now with her latest project, THE HURT LOCKER, Bigelow has crafted a bona fide art-house hit—and is helping make 2009 one of the strongest year’s ever for female filmmakers… consider this: If any woman earns a Best Director nomination come February, it will be only the fourth time in history.”

     OK, so some of you flamed me last winter for have the hubris to suggest that “my SLUMDOG Brouhaha” was related in any way to the fact that Loveleen Tandan was on stage in February when the SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE team collected its Best Picture Oscar.  So you’ll probably flame me again for suggesting that there’s any relationship now.  Flame away folks, but this is exactly how it works.  Regardless of any arguments for or against nominating Loveleen Tandan herself, I am absolutely certain that “my SLUMDOG Brouhaha” helped focus attention on Oscar Stats, & bringing those stats out of the darkness & into the light is bearing fruit now.

     So women, I’m literally begging you: PLEASE see THE HURT LOCKER as soon as it opens in a theatre near you.  Build box office revenue, build buzz, and get ready to applaud when Kathryn Bigelow is nominated for a Best Director Oscar in January.

WE can do this; Yes WE Can!!!

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