Chatting about JULIE & JULIA

Writer/Director Nora Ephron @ NYC Premiere of JULIE & JULIA.  Photo By: SPE, Inc./Marion Curtis/Startrak.

Participating in a very interesting conversation about JULIE & JULIA on Melissa Silverstein’s Blog.   But here’s the thing: if you do NOT see it my way, then you either have to believe Nora Ephron believes Julia Child really was perfect (had a perfect marriage, etc, etc), &/or you really have to believe Nora Ephron is so stupid that she didn’t realize “the real Julie” would be the loser in an actual cinematic face-off with “the real Julia.”

I find both of these options tremendously condescending.  Perhaps people wish Nora Ephron had made a different movie (e.g., a Julia Child biopic) but she didn’t, so I suggest we all try to assess the one she actually made.   To Melissa: Thanks for your continued commitment to fighting the good fight!

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