The “Campaign” is NOT Over!!!

A House Divided Cannot Stand!!!

Rich & I have started dressing in our PrObama shirts every weekend again.  It seems “the campaign” is not over, but has merely entered an incredibly ugly new phase.  Here’s a clip one of my FB buddies posted of a blonde woman screaming “Heil Hitler!” at an Israeli man trying to explain the importance of national healthcare (as he knows it from personal experience) at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas.  Watch for her incredibly rude gesture at the end.  Have these Republican zealots no shame?!? Rich won’t watch Fox News & I admit it’s pretty painful, but if you don’t watch, then you don’t know, because Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert only have time to show the tip of the iceberg.  Shout out to Americans of good will everywhere: A House Divided Cannot Stand!!

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