Johnson Lands in Shanghai

     Every year, we use our Founder’s Club passes to see somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 films during the 2 week span of our annual Chicago International Film Festival.  Sure it sounds like a lot, but that’s maybe 1/3 of what’s on the schedule!  So?  Some good, some bad, & some OK, but what we live for are the rare surprises: wonderful films that seem to come out of nowhere & totally knock our socks off.  Tuesday’s treat was MADE IN CHINA—the delightful tale of a young inventor from Texas who flies to China to find a manufacturer for his new novelty product. Script by Judi Krant & Dan Sumpter (who also plays the key supporting role) is hilarious, Krant’s direction (mixing live action with whimsical animation) is strong & sure-footed, & lead actor Jackson Kuehn is adorable.  Keep your eyes open for MADE IN CHINA: let’s all see this film & generate buzz so that MADE IN CHINA can get the theatrical release it deserves J 


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