Guerrilla Girls in Chicago

Amanda Loos with student. Me with Kathe!Kathe with Jennifer.


A Dream Come True!

Here I am finally shoulder-to-shoulder with one of my all-time idols “Kathe Kollwitz” of the Guerrilla Girls!!!  When the Girls created their last Billboard Campaign (right before the 2006 Oscar telecast), I contributed THREE times (as Films42, as JLH, & as WITASWAN).  I only wish I could have done more!!!  Tickets for this Chicago Humanities Festival event (coordinated in collaboration with the incredible Jane Saks of Columbia College Chicago) were sold out the day they were posted, so we were all lucky to be there!

Click HERE to read more about the Guerrilla Girls.

Click HERE to read more about the real Kathe Kollwitz.

Come back to Chicago soon, Guerrilla Girls!!!  We love you!!!

Photos: To my left is Professor Amanda Loos of Harold Washington College (with one of her students), & to my right is “Kathe” with Professor Jennifer Karmin of Truman College.  Huge thanks to Jennifer for taking my photo with “Kathe” J

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