HUGE Thanks from Jan


To all who sent birthday greetings yesterday by eMail or Snail Mail or Facebook &/or Phone! And special thanks to those of you who went the extra mile by making contributions to WITASWAN!!!

I got RB up ~ 6:30 AM to watch Obama in Oslo & then dashed, dashed, dashed until almost 11 PM, packing in a wonderful lunch @ American Girl Place with wonderful friends (also joined, of course, by “Rebecca Rubin“) plus a performance of the new Addams Family musical (on it’s way to Broadway soon).

As you can see from photo, everywhere I went, my Mom went too.  Did she know when she gave birth to me on 12/10/51 that it was “Nobel Prize Day” & “International Human Rights Day,” & one day in the future, also “Jane Addams Day” in Illinois?  Maybe, maybe not, but I’m guessing she knew way before I did that someday all these “coincidences” would add up to a personal agenda.

Way to go, Helene! 

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