Just Because She’s a Woman???


     Way back in July, when I declared “Game On!” on FF2, I told you all that my “horse” in this year’s Oscar Race would be Kathryn Bigelow. Here it is, December, & the Golden Globe nominations for 2010 were announced this AM: KB is one of five Best Director finalists & her film THE HURT LOCKER is one of five finalists for Best Motion Picture-Drama. Is this “just because she’s a woman?” No!!!  Does being a woman help? Yes!!! For two reasons:

       First, THE HURT LOCKER is a terrific film that scores way above KB’s co-nominees on ROTTEN TOMATOES, & the fact that it’s a great “war movie” made by a woman has given it extra attention from many women who might not have gone to see it otherwise.

     Second, I believe that men of conscience everywhere were humiliated by “my SLUMDOG Brouhaha” last year. Regardless of whether they agreed with me or not about Loveleen Tandan’s contributions to SLUMDOG, I think they hadn’t really paid attention to the statistics before, & seeing the statistics made many men queasy. If we had, in fact, transcended our prejudices, then why were the statistics still so awful?!?

      Why do I believe this? I believe this because most of the people who contacted me last year with messages of support & encouragement were men!!! And most of the negative feedback I received last year came from women!!!

So KB: You Go, Girl. I’m here cheering for you all the way J

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