3 Cheers for AN EDUCATION!!!

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I saw An Education for the first time at a Chicago critics screening on August 28.  Typically (for me), I went in knowing very little about it, but I was immediately entranced, and by the second hour, I was totally in love with it.  Without giving away the ending, suffice it to say that by the time Miss Stubbs (Olivia Williams) had said her final line of dialogue, “happy tears” (tears filled with gratitude & relief) were streaming down my cheeks.

When I met with Director Lone Scherfig in Chicago on October 12, I told her I was absolutely certain that An Education would receive at least two Oscar nominations: Carey Mulligan would be nominated for Best Actress and Nick Hornby would be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.  And yesterday it happened!  An Education received three nominations: Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and, oh wow, Best Picture too!

But I’m writing now to say two things.  First, the past few months have been filled with anxiety because box office has been abysmal.  Second, An Education now has a chance at one win, but only if distributors immediately change their marketing strategy. Click HERE to read my rant “When Bad Marketing Happens to Good Movies…”

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Photo Credits: WITASWAN Reception for Lone Scherfig preceding Sunday Oct 11th screening of An Education at the 2009 Chicago International Film Festival.

Photo of Lone Scherfig with swan vase by Jan Lisa Huttner. Photo of Long Scherfig with her Chicago Fan Club by Richard Bayard Miller. (JLH is the fan wearing the black jacket.)

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