2010 Oscar Impact Chart

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Here is a 2010 update of my award-winning Oscar Impact chart.  As everyone with any interest in this topic already knows, Kathryn Bigelow is the fourth woman ever nominated for a Best Director Oscar, & the very first woman to actually be a genuine contender.

As of today, she is the first woman in history to win a Best Director award from the DGA, and first woman in history to win a Best Director award from BAFTA.  Handicappers put her so far ahead at this point that there is almost no chance that she will NOT win an Oscar too, thereby kicking a huge crack in the Celluloid Ceiling.

But in every other respect, it’s “same old, same old.”  Female Impact this year is 20%, which is much better than last year (7.5%) but only in the middle for the decade as a whole.  (The high was 37.5% in 2004 & the low was 2.5% in 2005.)  Note that the denominator changes this year from 40 (8 categories X 5 nominees) to 45 (because there are now 10 films contending for Best Picture).

Me, I won’t be able to relax until March 7, 2010 is history.  I’ll be sitting on pins & needles right up until the moment Bigelow’s name is announced & she steps up to the stage in triumph… or not…

More on this subject on March 8 J

Photo: Kathryn Bigelow with team members

(from left: screenwriter Mark Boal plus

producers Greg Shapiro & Nicholas Chartier)

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