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Click HERE to download Oscar Impact Chart for ‘09 as a pdf file.


Loveleen Tandan with Freida Pinto

So I never updated my award-winning Oscar Impact chart last year…  I guess I was so bummed out by “My SLUMDOG Brouhaha” that I just couldn’t bring myself to post numbers that didn’t include Loveleen Tandan…

But what a difference a year makes!  Who could have believed just twelve short months ago that a woman would not only be nominated this year, but would actually be a genuine contender?!?

So here, at long last, is JAN’S OSCAR WATCH updated with all information thru 2009.  Without Loveleen Tandan, “Female Impact” behind-the-scenes at the 2009 Oscars was a piteous 7.5% (one of the lowest years of the decade).  Total nominations were 3 (2 for FROZEN RIVER & 1 for RACHEL GETTING MARRIED).  Neither film won any Oscars although Melissa Leo (the star of FROZEN RIVER) surprised everyone by winning an Independent Spirit Award in the Lead Actress category.  And so it goes L

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