Well, I’ll be damned…

Click HERE to download UPDATED 2010 Oscar Impact Chart (pdf). 


Photo Credit: Gabriel Bouys/AFP Photo/NewsCom

Kudos to my AAUW-Illinois sister Leslie Sulla for jerking my chain!  In fact there are FOUR female screenwriters impacting this year’s high profile Oscars: Philippa Boyens & Fran Walsh (The Lovely Bones), Nora Ephron (Julie & Julia) AND Terri Tatchell (District 9).  OK, so I’m not a Sci-Fi fan, but I did see District 9 & I did not catch this.  My mistake!!!

Leslie’s addition of Ms. Tatchell brings the number of impacted films to 5 & the total number of nominations impacted to 11—the highest total since the peak in 2004!!!

Remember that ceiling-smashing woman who titled her award-winning book It Takes a Village?  Well, my friends: Here’s more proof J

Photo: Terri Tatchell at the Nominee Luncheon (2/15/10)

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