Chatting with Pamela Gray

Click HERE for full chat as a printable pdf. 

Pamela with Betty Anne in London

On October 8th, I had the privilege of talking on the phone with screenwriter Pamela Gray about her new film Conviction starring Hillary Swank as real-life heroine Betty Anne Waters—an ordinary mom/waitress who discovered enormous inner strength when her brother Kenny was wrongfully convicted of a murder she knows he didn’t commit. 

     Conviction is just the kind of story WITASWAN fights for: a story about women told in a woman’s voice.  Conviction opens wide today, so please see it ASAP on the big screen (if possible), & if you like it too, then please spread the word & help build buzz! 

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From our chat: “I believe that’s just one difference between movies where the woman is the heroine (versus a male hero): often the male hero is the solo person, moving through [the film] without that community.  But I do think the heroine’s journey is different in that way.  I see that in a lot of movies that are female-driven: they’ve got community; they’re not working in isolation.”

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