F2F with Judy Chicago

Photo Credit: Stephanie Taylor

Met Judy Chicago last night after her wonderful lecture on her new Frida book (Frida Kahlo: Face to Face) @ our Harold Washington Library Center.  A student interviewed me while I was on the book signing line.  She wanted to know more about how it felt to see “The Dinner Party” as an installation in the early ’80s. 

     How to begin?  If you’ve only seen photos in books, words simply can’t describe the impact of walking into that huge room in the Franklin Building way back when & seeing tributes to all those women on display…  I’m getting the chills just thinking about it!  How to tell a kid in her ’20s about growing up in an era when the only female bios in the “Childhood of Famous Americans” series were Clara Barton & Jessie Benton Freemont.

     Thank YOU, Judy Chicago!  YOU are definitely one of the women who changed the game for all of us J 

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