1/24/12 Update: The Whistleblower just received four “Genie Award” nominations (the Canadian Oscar) & is now available on DVD! See this terrific film ASAP!

Here’s our FF2 Haiku:

Kathryn Bolkovac is a cop in Lincoln, NE with some personal problems so her boss suggests a stint as a UN peacekeeper in Bosnia: “You”ll earn 100K in 6 months & have some cushion.”

This was 1999, way before 9/11, & no one in America realized the hole we were digging for ourselves. Brilliant thriller anchored by a superlative performance focuses on sex-trafficking but has broad & profound resonance. (Ratings: Jan 4.5/5 & Rich 4.0/5)

Also, please read our chat with director Larysa Kondracki:

(Yes, this is OUR chat because it was a PM screening, so Richard was actually there!)

Rachel Weisz as Bolkovac

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