An excellent film on an extremely important subject is going down & deperately needs YOUR help at the Box Office.  Please consult this list & if The Whistleblower is playing anywhere near you, please, please try to see it this weekend!  Click HERE to read our interview with director Larysa Kondracki on FF2.  This is our “Top Pick” right now on FF2 for both me & Rich!

Two summers ago, I urged you to see The Hurt Locker, & I told you that if you did, it could go all the way.  Many of you went & you helped make history when Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman ever to receive a Best Director Oscar.  Last summer, I urged you to see Winter’s Bone.  Many of you did, & Winter’s Bone got 4 Oscar nominations (including Best Picture).  If you went to either of those films on my recommendation & you were glad you did, then please, please see The Whistleblower this weekend.  Life can’t be all about Bridesmaids; sometimes we need to stand up for larger principles!

Kathy Bolkovac @ Toronto FF (2010)

I’m not making this up, folks.  Here are the stats on Box Office Mojo.  If YOU don’t provide your personal support, it will soon be gone… & that will be a real shame 🙁

So click HERE for a list of theatres currently showing The Whistleblower & if you’re near one, then please, please go.

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