Rededicating Bourgeois Sculptures!!!

In 11/07, as I was in the final stages of prep for the very first Jane Addams Day in Illinois, Mary Jane Jacob told me about the Louise Bourgeois sculptures buried in storage & unseen by anyone in years.

And I wrote: “So here’s one definite goal for the next Jane Addams Day in 2008: let’s get the elements of the Jane Addams Sculpture Garden out of storage! This is work by an important artist about an important woman, & the people of Chicago deserve access to it. After all, according to Mary Jane, we paid for it all over a decade ago.”

That was on 11/16/07, & I’ve tried pushing this rock up the mountain, like Sisyphus, every year since, most especially last year when we were all getting ready to celebrate Jane Addams’ 150th birthday.

Well, guess what: I’ve just received word this AM that the Chicago Park District has finally relocated the sculptures & will hold a rededication ceremony for them on Sept 24th!!! 


Where: Chicago Women’s Park & Gardens

1801 South Indiana Street (Chgo)

When: Sat 9/24/11 @ 10 AM

Thanks much to Julia Bachrach (Dept of Plng & Devp/Chgo Park District) for the eVites.

PS: Save the date of 12/10/11 for Illinois’ 5th annual Jane Addams Day celebrations.  Details coming soon 🙂

Photo of Louise Bourgeois by Robert Mapplethorpe appears  in this tribute posted by The Guardian.

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