AAUW-IL Wecomes Ibtisam

AAUW-Illinois members welcome Palestinian filmmaker Ibtisam Mara’ana, who drove all the way out to Oregon, IL (just south of Rockford) to screen her film Paradise Lost at Fall Conference.

A lively Q&A after the screening ranged from the intensely personal to the provocatively political, with all 46 particpants eagerly engaged until moderator Erika Nicketakis finally called it a night.

Ibtisam was in town as a guest of the 2011 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (where she is screening her latest film 77 Steps on 10/27/11 & 10/31/11).

Pictured at far left edge is AAUW-IL President Elect Andi Danis.

Photo credits: Jan Lisa Huttner (10/28/11)

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