Kudos, Sasha Stone!

January 29 (Sunday Morning): I’m kinda blue because Andy Trudeau won’t be doing his annual segments on the Oscar-nominated musical scores anymore, but I’m still an NPR junky, so the radio is on…

And the new host, Rachel Martin, says soon she’ll be starting a new segment on Oscar-nominated screenplays… Well, now I’m 100% awake…

And the time comes & Rachel introduces Sasha Stone of Awards Daily, & she says:

So, looking back at the group of nominees for best adapted screenplay, they’re really different movies. I mean the “Ides of March,” this is a kind of political drama; “The Descendents,” this family story; “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy;” and “Hugo,” which is a kids’ movie. Is that typical of the category to have such a broad range of movies?

And Sasha replies: It is typical in a way. But when you kind of drill down into it you’ll see similarities, which is that they’re all five male-driven storylines. And thematically, they’re all about a central character who’s kind of lost and searching, you know, to redefine himself in the world that he’s living in. And they’ll kind of follow that pattern.

Have I died & gone to heaven???

Shout Out to Sasha: You go, girl 🙂

Click HERE for audio link & transcript.

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