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Slowly but surely, information eventually finds it way to the public. As I’ve told you all for years now, every time FIVE MEN are nominated for “Best Director” that means another FIVE MEN are added to the overwhelmingly male list that selects the next “Best Director.” And so, who is surprised when the next list inevitably arrives with five more men on it???

From the Chgo Trib: “There are several paths to academy membership. First you must be asked to join — those nominated for an Oscar are automatically invited; everyone else must wait for an invitation from a standing member.”

But wait, here’s more: “The research, done by the Los Angeles Times, confirmed the identities of about 5,100 voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (about 89 percent of the academy’s membership), and they found that 94 percent of them are white and 77 percent are male.”

Friends, this will not end until we use our “power of the purse” to create change. Many wonderful films are released every year by women filmmakers. The films are there, but what’s missing it the audience.

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