Fortysomething Mickey Prohaska (Kinnear) can no longer rely on good looks & charm to get his way. But trying for an easy score, he suddenly finds himself in way over his head.

Beautifully cast new film by the Sprecher Sisters is a perfect dramedy: very funny AND very sad. Arkin & Balaban are hilarious, Crudup is scary as s&%t, & once again Kinnear anchors the madness in a film that’s kind of a mash-up between the Coen Brother’s Fargo & Little Miss Sunshine (which also teamed Arkin & Kinnear).

Set in Kenosha, WI (altho actually filmed near Minneapolis), Thin Ice has true Midwestern charm and a warm feel for the people who live in cold climates. And when Kinnear ventures into Chicago, the “City of Big Shoulders” appears magical and full of forbidden possibilities.

A full ten years after their wonderful film 13 Conversations about One Thing, the Sprecher Sisters (Writer/Director Jill & her screenwriting partner Karen) have now done it again 🙂

Click HERE to read our FF2 haiku. Click HERE for more details on IMDb. Click HERE for website with links to local theatres.

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