3/31: Meet-Up at the Icon!

I’ve just come back from a screening of Mirror Mirror staring Lilly Collins as “Snow White” and Julia Roberts as her evil stepmother.

When I got the press kit, I could hardly believe my eyes: a film opening on the eve of the 5th annual International SWAN Day based on a story crafted by a woman filmmakers and featuring the lead actress in an actual swan outfit?!?

Once I convinced myself that I wasn’t hallucinating, I assumed there had to be a worm in this apple. How could I recommend it to any of you sight unseen?

Well now I have seen it, and I certainly DO recommend it. Any furthermore I took two members of “Team Jan” with me (Brigid & Monica), & they recommend it too.

So if you are in Metro Chicago, meet me tomorrow @ the Showplace Icon on Delano Place (right off Roosevelt Road in Chicago’s South Loop). Come to the 1:50 show, say the secret password (= SWAN), & get a box of candy FREE from me to you 🙂

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