TheCallCenterThis adorable RomCom from the New China (now relatively prosperous & totally consumer-driven) was directed by Dennie Gordon & based on a story she wrote with Ming Beaver Kwei & Amy Snow. (Note however that IMDb gives the screenplay credits to a committee: Snow plus Chris Chow, Hai Huang, & Yao Meng.)

“Sofie” (Ziyi Zhang) works in a Beijing Call Center but pours her passion into recreating herself on paper as a graphic novel heroine. The fun begins when Sofie wins a contest, flies to Singapore, & has a Meet-Cute with a spy named “David” (Leehom Wang).

Ziyi Zhang (still best-known for her role in CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON) also produced, so maybe she is trying to rescue herself from plots that only call for more swordplay?

Yes, My Lucky Star goes on a little too long, but film is consistently frothy & fun to watch thanks mostly to Ziyi Zhang’s onscreen charisma . Kudos also the the location scouts (Does Singapore really have a pool like this on the top of a skyscraper somewhere?) & Costume Designer Yi Tang. (JLH: 3.5/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. NOT YET SEEN BY RICH.


Top Photo: Ziyi Zhang stars as Sofie, an Call Center worker with an active imagination.

Middle Photo: Sofie follows her bliss when she’s sketching in the park.

Bottom Photo: Sofie & David (Leehom Wang) walk off into their romantic Happy Ending.

Photo Credits: China Lion (USA Distributor)


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