42nd Street Today

eCloseUpPMonday AM I was on my way to a screening when I saw something that made me freeze in my tracks: a huge billboard announcing that Obamacare was “Hazardous to Your Health.” Not your pocketbook (as some might claim) or your politics (as many do claim) but YOUR HEALTH (which no one that I know of has tried to argue since Sarah Palin’s discredited talk about “Death Panels” for the elderly). a42ndFrom8th

I was so appalled that I went back yesterday so that I could take photographs to document this massively funded lie. Only then did I see the east side of the sign which identifies the source as “the Heritage Foundation Defund Obamacare Campaign.”

bMmeTussaudFor those of you who do not recognize the location, let me spell it out for you: This is 42nd Street between 7th & 8th Avenues right around the corner from Times Square, in other words one of the most well-trafficked locations on Planet Earth & surely one of the most expensive ad placement points in the USA.

When I told RB (my husband) about this billboard on Monday night, he told me it was “just a metaphor.” When I showed him my pix last night, he shrugged. cDaveAndBuster

Me, I think this is dastardly: an expensive lie that epitomizes everything wrong with our Post-Citizens United politics.

As someone who has spent much of her career analyzing media images–concerned most especially about the negative effects of pervasive media images on impressionable young minds–I am stunned, scared & very, very sad.

What do YOU think?!?


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