SpiritLaurelCongratulations to the ten women filmmakers nominated today for Independent Spirit Awards for the work they did in 2013:

Julie Delpy: Best Screenplay Before Midnight

Nicole Holofcener: Best Screenplay Enough Said

Stacie Passon: Best First Feature Concussion

Lucy Mulloy: Best First Feature Una Noche


Haifaa Al Mansour: Best First Feature Wadjda

Lake Bell: Best First Screenplay In a World…

Jill Soloway: Best First Screenplay Afternoon Delight

Martha Shane/Lana Wilson: Best Doc After Tiller

Jehane Noujaim: Best Doc The Square

There are wonderful films on this list (many already on DVD &/or VOD). Maybe you haven’t heard of them, but I’ve not just heard of them, I’ve seen them & rated them. It’s my job; it’s what I do!

So here’s PROOF of my message: The films are there; what’s missing is the audience…

We have the “power of the purse,” & we must learn to use it.



Note: Seven of these nominated nine films pass the Bechdel Test. That’s 78% 🙂

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