JaneAdamsIn which Jane Adams plays a character much like the person she appears to be in her many Indie film & TV roles: a sweet-faced, awkward, girlish actress who is now middle-aged but has never quite grown up. (Examples: The original “Joy Jordan” in Todd Solondz’ ironically named film Happiness, & “Tanya Skagle” the fumbling pimp in the HBO series Hung.)

Who knows who Jane Adams “really” is, but she wastes this opportunity to add heft to her persona even tho she personally co-wrote the screenplay with director Joe Swanberg.

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.


Bottom Photo: Marie (Adams) & her neighbor “Rusty” (Larry Fessenden) make a habit of swimming around in wet suites every morning. (Watching Marie try to zip the back of her wet suit is one of the film’s oft-repeated “comic” bits.) Marie lives in a tiny little apartment right above the pounding waves of the Pacific Beach. Maybe she’s so think because her main sustenance is drinking in the view?

Photo Credits: Joe Swanberg

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