Laura op de Hiswa 03-03-2011At age 14, Laura Dekker set off from Holland in her little boat “Guppy,” determined to become the youngest person ever to sail solo around the globe. Oy!

Filmmaker Jillian Schlesinger & her team do a masterful job of editing all the film Laura took along the way, adding context during the three long mid-ocean stretches (crossing the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the Pacific Ocean & crossing the Indian Ocean). Schlesinger also creates lively animated maps so we always know where Laura is.

But Maidentrip is definitely Laura’s film, told from her POV. We are just “along for the ride,” so Schlesinger wisely leaves the probing of “the Big Questions” for others. For example: How can parents allow a teenager to roam the globe on her own for so long with no supervision??? (JLH: 3.5/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.


Photo Credits: Laura Dekker & Jillian Schlesinger

Q: Does Maidentrip pass the Bechdel Test? Technically, yes. But since Laura spends most of her time alone, conversations along the way (with either men or women) is not a priority… DigitalStampA


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