AhParisGiddy French RomCom about an estranged couple forced to sit side-by-side on a flight from NYC to Paris.

Folks, it’s never about the what, it’s always about the how, & Love Is In The Air succeeds because of its light touch.

So kudos to director Alexandre Castagnetti, his stars (Nicolas Bedos & Ludivine Sagnier) & his team of screenwriters (including Nirina Ralanto & Brigitte Bémol).

I laughed & the rest of the audience did too. (JLH: 3.5/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.


Top Photo: “Julie” (Ludivine Sagnier) returns to Paris at the end of her long strange flight.

Bottom Photo: Early in their relationship, “Antoine” (Nicolas Bedos) romances Julie at the Eiffel Tower.

Photo Credits: Linda Kallerus

Q: Does Love Is In The Air pass the Bechdel Test? Yes!DigitalStampA

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