NYC Shout-Out: Demi-Soeur opens today (2/7/14) at the Village East Cinema.

WithPaulSweet French confection wriiten & directed by Josiane Balasko.

“Paul Bérard” (Michel Blanc) is a middle aged pharmacist who keeps tight control of his life, but all his routines are thrown into disarray by the sudden arrival of Nénette (Balasko)… the daughter he never knew his father had.

Slapstick comedy slowly turns into dramedy until, by the end, the various Bérards have become one family. (JLH: 3.5/5)

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PS: “Demi-Soeur” is French for “Half-Sister” 🙂


Photo Credits: Arnaud Borrel

Q: Does Demi-Soeur pass the Bechdel Test? Yes! DigitalStampA

Nénette (Josiane Balasko) is Developmentally Disabled, so when her mother dies, her caregivers (all of whom are women, of course), must confer on how to care for her.

But Nénette goes off on her own, leading to new adventures. She ends up at a Rave where she meets an all-women punk group called Black Iron Bitches (played by the group Flaming Pussy), fronted by a character named “Too Much” (played by actress Sarah Suco). Of course, hilarious consequences ensue.

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