ZoeKazanOne twin is a sophisticated city babe, the other is a mouse who takes care of their widowed Dad in the burbs. When “the pretty one” dies in a car crash, the mouse decides to switch lives.

OK premise, but abysmal execution by writer/director Jenée LaMarque. Zoe Kazan fails to convince & everyone else just acts dumb & predictable except Jake Johnson who somehow manages to be totally charming in the thankless part of the urban neighbor. He deserves better. (JLH: 2/5)

Click HERE to read our FF2 haiku. Never to be seen by Rich.

Top Photo: Zoe Kazan as “Laurel” (the mouse) after the funeral of her twin “Audrey.” She has just realized that everyone thinks she–Laurel–is the twin who died in the crash when it was actually Audrey who now lies buried in Laurel’s grave… Oy 🙁


Bottom Photo: Laurel with “Basel” (Jake Johnson) pretending she is actually Audrey (aka “the pretty one”)… Double Oy 🙁

Photo Credits: Erica Parise

Q: Does The Pretty One pass the Bechdel Test? Yes.DigitalStampA

Beyond the interactions between the twins (both played, of course, by Zoe Kazan), Frankie Shaw also has a significant part as “Claudia” (Audrey’s BFF). It’s interesting, in context, that the only one who senses something wrong is Audrey’s BFF. Everyone else, including the twins’ father “Frank” (John Carroll Lynch) is totally clueless. Jenée LaMarque might have spent more time exploring this, but alas, she doesn’t.

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