WithKarenThanks to Liliane Mavridara from WIFV-DC for an invitation to attend a private screening of Karen Whitehead’s new film Her Aim is True at the Norwood Club on West 14th Street.

Her Aim is True is a fascinating doc about the career of photographer Jini Dellaccio. Dellaccio–who fell in love with jazz as a kid & spent many years as a professional musician–turned to photography after her marriage, originally specializing in fashion shoots.

When her husband’s job took her to Seattle in the early ’60s, Dellaccio was drawn into the emerging local Rock scene where she quickly became a favorite of managers who wanted a “fresh look.” Taking advantage of the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Dellaccio took young Rockers like The Sonics & The Wailers out of the studio, placing them in trees, in front of haunting lakeside midst, etc.DoryKaren

Eventually famous performers arriving in Seattle, found Dellaccio–an “old lady” in her late 40s–shooting close to the stage, meaning we now have terrific candid photos of young Mick Jagger with The Rolling Stones & young Pete Townshend with The Who. Dellaccio’s career reached its artistic peak with her iconic photos of Neil Young way back in his Buffalo Springfield days!

After several successful film festival previews, Whitehead is now doing the final fund raising required for public distribution. For more information, visit Whitehead’s website.


Top Photo: With Karen Whitehead after the Q&A.

Middle Photo: Karen Whitehead with my BFF Dorthea Juul.

Bottom Photo (from left): Dorthea Juul, Karen Whitehead, Jan Lisa Huttner & Liliane Mavridara.

Photo Credits: Liliane Mavridara (except for the photo with Liliane which was taken by one of the Norwood Club folks).

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