ComingHomeFans of an old TV series literally “kick-started” their stars back for a new life on the Big Screen, but like a fast-food burger the result is over-processed, filled with junk, and totally without natural flavor.

Directed by Rob Thomas & co-written with Diane Ruggiero (the creators of the original Veronica Mars TV series), the plot–such as it is–has to do with “Veronica” (Kristen Bell) returning home to help an old boyfriend (Jason Dohring) beat a murder rap.

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Top Photo: “Veronica” (Kristen Bell) arrives at LAX, giving up her “dream job” with an exclusive Manhattan law firm to become a Private Eye–once again–in California.

Bottom Photo: Catching up with “Logan” (Jason Dohring). Logan is supposed to be Veronica’s grand passion, but their inevitable coupling was so bland that I had to fight to stay awake.

Photo Credits: Robert Voets © 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Q: Does Veronica Mars pass the Bechdel Test? Yes.DigitalStampA

In the prologue, when she arrives at the fancy schmantzy law firm, Jamie Lee Curtis is the attorney who directs Veronica’s interview.

Once in California, Veronica questions several female sources/suspects for leads about the female murder victim.

So yes, Veronica Mars definitely pass the Bechdel Test.

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