Day Ten of the 2014 Rendez Vous with French Cinema

Full Title = If You Don’t, I Will (French Title = Arrête ou je continue)

InBattleMiddle-Aged/Middle-Class French couple “Pomme” (Emmanuelle Devos) & “Pierre” (Mathieu Amalric) has come to a crisis point in their long marriage.

Filmmaker Sophie Fillières (who both wrote & directed) has identified a worthy subject but the exposition is all over the place & the tone (“Pomme” is French for “Apple”) is way too cute.

Then Pomme & Pierre take a hike in the woods & Pomme decides to stay. She has no plan. She has no supplies. And this nature sojourn goes on endlessly… for days… while all semblance of reality dissolves. (JLH: 2/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not recommended by either me or Rich.


Top Photo:  Alone in the woods after Pierre’s departure, “Pomme” (Emmanuelle Devos) goes rogue, using ashes from her campfire for war paint.

Bottom Photo: Pomme with “Pierre” (Mathieu Amalric) just as their romp in the woods begins to go seriously wrong.

Photo Credits: Films du Losange

Q: Does If You Don’t, I Will pass the Bechdel Test? Not really…

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