UES Crawl: Thanks, Nicole!


Huge thanks to Nicole Casamento for organizing an Upper East Side Gallery Crawl in honor of International SWAN Day.

We did our meet-up at the Dominique Lévy Gallery, where we saw the Germaine Richier retrospective. Then we went to Galerie Perrotin to see ceramic sculptures by Klara Kristalova. Then we popped our umbrellas up and walked a few block to Hauser & Wirth to experience the translucent work of Mira Schendel.

The group ended up at the Asia Society’s Nalini Malani installation, but alas, I had to head off after Hauser & Wirth to dash to the NYWIFT Screening at SVA (way down in Chelsea).

Follow links below for more pix from each stop:

* Klara Kristalova Exhibit at Galerie Perrotin

* Germaine Richier Retrospective at Dominique Lévy Gallery

* Mira Schendel Exhibit at Hauser & Wirth

Three women artists: Klara Kristalova, Germaine Richier, and Mira Schendel. All unique and so different from one another! Brava!

I first connected with Nicole when I read about her participation in a recent Wiki-Thon specifically devoted to creating more pages for women artists in Wikipedia. So hooray for Nicole for literally walking the talk. You Go, Girl 🙂


Top Photo: Nic Casamento at Dominique Lévy Gallery.

Bottom Photo: Robin Cembalest (the Executive Editor of ARTnews) at Hauser & Wirth.

Photo Credits: Jan Lisa Huttner (3/29/14)

Click HERE to learn more about WITASWAN/International SWAN Day.



Group photo (above) taken by one of the staff members at the Dominique Lévy Gallery 🙂

Gallery Crawl Participants (From Left): Cristina Ryoo, Suzanne LaGasa, Willa Kammerer, Jan Lisa Huttner, Robin Cembalest & Nicole Casamento.

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