BananasWhat begins as a light, tourist trip to Beautiful East Africa (Dar es Salaam! Mount Kilimanjaro!) turns more serious when a sunny American named Kristen Kenney follows her African friend Venance Ndibalema home & discovers the realities of poverty & disease in his ancestral village.

Director Sylvia Caminer jumps right in, so what we learn about Kristen & Ven is “on the go,” but by the end this superior documentary has definitely earned kudos. (JLH: 4/5)

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Top Photo: Kristen learns to do “women’s work” in the village.

Bottom Photo: Ven (in the center) meets members of his extended family.

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Q: Does Tanzania: A Journey Within pass the Bechdel Test? DigitalStampA

Yes! Caminer is determined to show Kristen’s interactions with the women and girls of Tanzania. She works alongside them, carrying water from the river back to the village, and learns first hand about education and health issues.

By the end of the film, Kristen has transformed into a committed activist. Brava!

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